Our style is honest and real.  Our method is effective, true and compelling.  We tell a story through photographs.

We capture the look of love, adoration and laughter, celebrations and moments.  We capture memories that can be treasured forever.

norma and me was established in 2012 by Wellington based photographer Kylie Cornwell.

As an experienced photographer, Kylie understands the need to focus on what is in front of the camera to tell a story, honestly.

Therefore, it makes sense she chose a name that told a story that was not about her – plus she didn’t like the name ‘photography by Kylie’.

Norma comes from Kylie’s granny.

Like many grandparents, Norma played a significant role in Kylie’s life, she was honest, authentic and sincere – and bought out the very best in her granddaughter.

Whilst Norma has passed, she is still with Kylie in spirit every day – hence the name norma and me.